My Prayer

God I know that You have not forgotten about me, please come in and do mighty work in me. I ask because I have no one else to turn to, I am unemployed, my finances are a mess, and I am tired Lord. I Need You Now. Take all hurt, pain, anger, malice, and distrust out of my heart so that it can be pure to serve You. Father make me strong where I am weak, I surrender all to You Lord, I give it all to You. Lord I thank You for blessing me thus far, and I commit my life to You. I give myself away so You can use me.

I Have To Get It Going!!!

I started a catering business at the beginning of the year and I must say that I have to get it going. I catered 4 events and that turned out okay but I would like to take some culinary courses. Also I am just ready ti have something of my own. Mona’s Marvels Catering will be known. Thank You for the vision.

My Elders

imageWisdom flowing from their mouths

Knowledge in each sentence

Strength in each word

That my elders speak

Telling tales of segregation and humiliation 

Just for being “colored”

Dialogues about how they overcame

And how things have changed

Dropping jewels for real

Paving the way for my brighter days

So I sit back and listen 

To avoid history repeating itself